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This is a digital product, a file will be available for download after purchase.


This manual serves as your ultimate guide, providing clear and detailed instructions, accompanied by  pictures, schematics, and drawings,
to help you effortlessly construct your eFoil from start to finish. Additionally, you’ll have access to a wealth of resources and benefits, including:

– STL and DXF files
– A convenient ordering list
– A comprehensive cost breakdown
– Foam cutting plans
– Electric and water-cooling schematics
– Insider building tips
– A collection of inspiring build photos


But that’s not all! We continuously update the manual and supply you with the latest parts, ensuring that you have access to the newest improvements.
You’ll also gain exclusive membership to our WhatsApp group, where over 100+ fellow builders actively share their insights and experiences.
And rest assured, our dedicated email help service is readily available to address any questions or concerns you may have along the way.


Let’s dive into the impressive specifications of our eFoil board:

Electric Specifications:
– Powerful 6 kW brushless motor (DIRECT DRIVE)
– Efficient and water-cooled 200A VESC
– Impressive efficiency: 55 Wh at 20 km/h (with a 70 kg rider)
– Standard 1.1 kWh battery, providing 45 minutes of foiling (range of approximately 15 km), or upgrade to a 2.07 kWh battery for nearly 2 hours of foiling (range of approximately 30 km)
– Waterproof wireless hand remote control

Board Specifications:
– Triple-layer waterproofing for enhanced electronics protection
– Rigorously tested maximum rider weight: 115 kg (with L Gong Rise)
– Reach exhilarating speeds of up to 35 km/h (upgradeable to 45 km/h with the FlipSky prop and Gong Allvator M-T)
– Overall weight, including the battery: 28 kg
– Board length: 158.8 cm
– Board width: 58 cm
– Board volume: 120 liters


The estimated cost to build our remarkable eFoil is around €2400 ($2,600), and completion time typically ranges around 100 hours.

We offer an extensive selection of parts for your convenience, including 3D printed components, precision CNC-machined aluminum parts, pre-cut boards, battery packs, and laser-cut acrylic parts.

This is a digital product, a file will be available for download after purchase.


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