eFoil Holland

In 2018, a pair of brothers named Rein and Kwint observed the introduction of eFoil boards into the market, albeit at relatively steep prices. These brothers, known for successfully undertaking various projects including electric skateboards and electric outboard motors, recognized their collective expertise and believed they had the requisite knowledge to create their own eFoil boards.

After an intensive design phase, they had a concrete concept for their first board and wasted no time in commencing the building process. Consequently, their initial board was soon completed, prompting them to set their sights on a second board to resolve the ongoing debates about usage.

As time progressed, inquiries from curious individuals began pouring in, seeking insights into how the brothers crafted their boards and whether they could replicate the process. The increasing number of requests led Rein and Kwint to devise a user-friendly manual. This manual conveniently provided all the necessary links for procuring essential components, 3D print files, and a fundamental construction guide.

Since then, significant progress has been made.

In an ongoing journey of growth and innovation, Rein and Kwint are diligently working towards offering more accessible DIY eFoil kits at affordable prices, reflecting their commitment to making this exciting technology available to a wider audience.

Our team


Rein holds a key position within the team as a Mechanical Engineer, overseeing and leading all design aspects. His role encompasses a crucial responsibility for the intricate design work necessary for the project’s success.


Kwint holds a pivotal role as an Electrical Engineer, specializing in electronics and batteries. His expertise is instrumental in guiding the project’s electrical components and battery systems.