Customize efoil board

Van 10 tot 1000 euro

To make selecting your personalized eFoil set even easier, we’ve designed this user-friendly configurator. Feel free to choose the components you need and omit any parts you can source elsewhere. This approach allows you to tailor your eFoil build to be as cost-effective or straightforward as you desire, accommodating every budget and skill level.

Board base
1 × CNC cut board core
349.69 incl. tax
1 × Mr. Boat epoxy lamination set
272.25 incl. tax

Available on backorder

3D Printed parts
1 × 3D printed parts set
163.35 incl. tax
Laser cuts parts
1 × Laser cut parts set
35.09 incl. tax
Motor mount set
1 × Motormount Set GONG V1
59.29 incl. tax
1 × Motormount Set GONG V2
66.55 incl. tax
Electronic set
1 × Electronics set
54.45 incl. tax
Surlok set
1 × SurLok connectors set
121.00 incl. tax
Water coolingset
1 × Water cooling set
35.09 incl. tax
Hardware set
1 × Stainless steel hardware set
57.48 incl. tax

4 in stock

1 × 1.1 kWh Battery build set (Alleen afhalen)
320.65 incl. tax

Available on backorder

1 × eFoil Holland propeller
235.95 incl. tax

8 in stock

1 × Manual & Files
49.97 incl. tax


Please note that the configurator list does not include all the necessary parts for the build. Our manual provides a comprehensive list of parts you will need to purchase separately, using the links we have provided.

Additional parts you will need to buy besides those in the configurator:

  • Remote: €119
  • Gong foil set: €349
  •  Charger: €49
  • Motor: €390
  • VESC motor controller: €249


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