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    How to ensure a long battery life.

    Try to charge only to 4.2V when really needed, 4,15v per cell will result in a minimal difference in runtime but substanly lengthen the battery life. The main battery killer is over discharging the battery. We therefore strongly advise to use the Wh counter in the VESC, accessible with the VESC app for android or the VESC app, Yours Truly or Xmatic app for IOS ,try to use no more than 80% of the Wh capacity of the battery. This results in:

    1.1kWh is 1100Wh x 0.8 = 880Wh usable capacity for a new battery

    2.07 kWh is 2070Wh x 0.8 = 1656Wh usable capacity for a new battery

    It’s normal for batteries to degrade over time so this value (Wh) will change, therefore take in mind to recalculate your available Wh. This can be done by fully charging the battery and riding it empty til one of the cells reaches 3.3V. Write down the used Wh and do the calculation from above again. in this way you prevent from going below the 20% even when your battery wares down.


    VESC voltage setting

    Since the VESC has the cutoff end voltage programmed to 36V (3V per cell) and the warning voltage (cut off start) at 39.6V (3.3Vper cell)l this will always drain the battery completely. This is done to always be maneuverable on the water in the event of an emergency, think of an approaching boat, strong winds or currents. Therefore we advise to keep this voltage setting that discharges the battery 100%. It might not be ideal for the battery but it’s better than ending up with an immovable board in a possible dangerous situation. Knowing this we advise to keep an eye on the Wh used (see “How to ensure a long battery life”) with the one of the apps

    If you would like to alter this setting to a more battery friendly setting adjust the VESC voltage setting accordingly. 

    Keeping track of the Wh and then substituting a voltage from that is even better. So ride to 880W (for the 1kWh) and record your voltage when still and use these when reprogramming the VESC.


    Name of setting Experimental  Standard
    Battery voltage cutoff start 39,6 v 42 v
    Battery voltage cutoff end 36 v 39,6 v
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