PETG Primer Neviprim

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PETG Primer



Our Primer enables a strong bond between PETG plastic, epoxy, and PU foam. Apply a thin layer inside and outside the main box for optimal adhesion.

150gr of primer.

As with all primers, this primer must also be applied very thinly to obtain good adhesion and a bubble-free result.

The curing time of this primer strongly depends on the substrate temperature, humidity and thickness of application.

At 20oC with a humidity of 50% and an applied thickness of 200 μm (brush thickness or roller thickness):

  • Dust-free after 40 minutes
  • tackfree / dry after 180 minutes
  • Strong and impact resistant after 24 hours
  • Fully cured after 7 days

Times will increase at lower temperatures or lower humidity.

If a thicker layer is desired, several layers can be superimposed. The next layer can be applied at room temperature after 6 to 8 hours.

Do not allow to dry for more than 24 hours between layers or between the last layer and the material to be primed (such as polyester). The adhesion will not work sufficiently if the drying time is too long.


Shelf life

A closed packaging in a dry and dark place below 30 o C has a shelf life of about 2 year.


Keep containers tightly closed. Store and handle Neviprim in a dry, well-ventilated place away from heat sources or inflammation and direct sunlight. Avoid sparks (e.g. from electrostatic discharge). Never weigh in the storage area.

Use safety gloves, splash goggles and work in a ventilated area or with a respirator for organic vapors. Wash hands and skin thoroughly after contact or after normal use, rinse eyes and mouth in case of accidents.

Safety documentation:

EN – Safety data sheet Neviprim adhesion primer
EN – Product Information Neviprim adhesion primer

Cannot be shipped outside the EU

Additional information

Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm


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